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Our popular e-packages simplify everything from Dynamic Website Design to Malware Monitors to UNLIMITED Website Edits.

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Q: Our contractor disappeared and we can’t access our website, how quickly can you start?

A: We can instantly begin helping online. This is the most common occurrence. And the event that typically convinces a client to migrate to a long-term internet support firm.

Q: We were told to hire a “External Network Firm”, is this

A: Yes. Internal Network Firms are most commonly a IT Team that assists with computer applications, email and network connectivity. An External Network Firm, such as, supports “everything online” from host accounts to online security to unlimited website edits.

Q: Should we be worried about online security?

A: Yes. We are hired to remove malware files from websites every day. There are mulitple types of malware ranging from adware (banner ads) to spyware (client data) to ransomeware (threaten to make private information public for money). 

Q: What is “the catch” with $5.00 website builders advertised on television commercials?

A: These database websites help individuals create a basic “online brochure” using content management tools. But the shared hosting environment and minimal search bot crawl accessibility - make your website difficult to be found in search engines. Professional websites are continuously optimized to become more visible on search engines, such as Google.

Q: What happened to the job title “Webmaster”?

A:  Malware, online security, adaptive programming and supporting dozens of hosting accounts requires a team of developers to sustain each website. Companies partner with for a few hundred dollars a month - instead of paying for multiple salaries.

Q: How can we be more successful online?

A: Establish a list of “success identifiers”. Most commonly the top “success identifiers” are going to be 1) more form submissions (lead generation) and 2) increase revenue (commerce, donations, registrations, etc). Your website should be your most successful marketing channel.